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A true psychic knows people will come to them in times of

need or question, as a psychic we accept the responsibility, once we forget we

 chose to help we WILL lose.  Being

able to recognize our instincts and help others recognize theirs is a great

gift, for which we are grateful.


Dawn Miriam hails from Lotus land, born under Scorpio.  She comes form an Irish background in which her mother, aunts, and Grandmother St. John's had the gift of intuition.

Dawn has clients that come from all over the world.  Traveling through B.C., Alberta, the prairies, Ontario and the USA, Dawn enjoys helping people help themselves through her insightful readings.


Teacup reading would be a fun filled evening gathering, she remembers as a part of her life growing up in Clearwater and Kamloops, B.C.

Predictions can be conducted over the telephone.  Call now 780 914 7072.


People who are gifted with the Psychic ability usually have a very emotionally packed childhood.  They already have so many Antennas out and are very sensitive.  Some people have several Psychic experiences over the course of their lifetime.  To some other people, these "Psychic" experiences are an everyday occurrence.  To some of these people being Psychic, there is nothing grandiose about it.


This moment is the magic.  So enjoy, appreciate the time that you have now.  Enlightened people know what the future holds, that's why they have gratitude for every day that they're alive.